Noreco acquires Shell’s Danish upstream assets

17 October
2018, Q4

Extended notice: Norwegian Energy Company ASA's (“Noreco” or the “Company”) wholly owned subsidiary, Altinex AS (“Altinex”) has entered into an agreement to acquire Royal Dutch Shell Plc’s (“Shell”) upstream assets in Denmark (the “Acquisition”). Through the transaction, Noreco becomes the second largest oil and gas producer in Denmark and a considerable E&P company.

Establishing Noreco as a considerable independent E&P company

This acquisition will establish Noreco as an E&P company on the Danish Continental Shelf (“DCS”), and position it as the second largest oil and gas producer in the country. Noreco will post completion have a 36.8% non-operated interest in the Danish Underground Consortium (“DUC”) with assets that comprise 15 fields in four producing hubs; Halfdan, Tyra, Gorm and Dan. DUC is a joint venture between Total (31.2%), Shell (36.8%), Chevron (12.0%) and Nordsøfonden (20.0%) cooperating to recover oil from the Sole Concession holder’s area of the Danish North Sea. Total recently announced the acquisition of Chevron’s (12.0%) interest, which remains subject to approval of partners and relevant authorities. The Sole Concession covers 1,635.7 km² of the DCS. DUC is operated by Total which has extensive offshore experience in the region and worldwide.

The transaction

The transaction will be structured as a sale to Altinex of all shares in Shell Olie- Og Gasudvinding Danmark B.V. (“SOGU”), which in turn owns a 36.8% interest in DUC and a 100% interest in Shell Olie- Og Gasudvinding Denmark Pipelines ApS (“SOGUP”), which will own a proportionate interest in the F3 gas pipeline.

Included in the transaction are proven and probable (2P) reserves of 209 million barrels of oil equivalent (mmboe) based on an independent CPR assessment as per year-end 2017, of which 65% are liquids. Further, Noreco estimates significant reserves and production growth coming from existing resources (discoveries, EOR initiatives & new projects). Shell’s share of production from DUC in 2017 was 67 thousand barrels of oil equivalent per day (mboepd). Noreco expects to maintain strong production in the years to come. The DUC portfolio has attractive economics, with 2017 opex of USD 13 per boe. As the Tyra hub is being redeveloped, the portfolio will be revitalised and offer improved economics accompanied by prolonged field life. Liquids production volumes are protected through a guarantee lasting from signing of the Acquisition through 2020.

Local SOGU staff mostly dedicated to the DUC will pass to Noreco along with the business with their existing contracts of employment intact and full continuity of service. In total ca. 8 employees will follow from Shell, which will bring additional competences to the Noreco organisation. Following the transaction, Noreco will have 15 employees, and does not plan to make any organisational reductions. The SOGU organisation is based in Copenhagen, and Mr. Lee James Hodder serves as managing director. The Board of Directors of SOGU currently consists of Mr. Lee James Hodder and Mr. Michael Lund Jensen.

Completion of the transaction is subject to: receipt of all mandatory consents, approvals and clearances from governmental authorities, including the Danish Energy Agency; that no party relevant to the joint operating agreements invokes option rights to purchase Shell’s SOGU interest; and other conditions customary for a transaction of this nature.

Subject to fulfilment of applicable conditions, completion is targeted for H1 2019.

Noreco will, to the extent required by section 3.5 of the Oslo Stock Exchange Continuing Obligations, prepare an information memorandum with further information on the Acquisition and Noreco’s operations following completion of the Acquisition.

Transaction consideration and financing

The consideration of the transaction is USD 1.9 billion with effective date as of 1 January 2017, with pro contra adjustment currently estimated by Noreco to USD 0.7 billion.

The transaction will be financed through a new seven year Reserve Based Lending bank facility provided by BMO Capital Markets, Deutsche Bank and Natixis of up to USD 900 million with a sub-limit of USD 100 million for letters of credit, by the issuance of a convertible bond of up to USD 160 million (the “Convertible Bond”), issuing new ordinary shares (the “Shares”) through a USD 352 million private placement (the “Private Placement”) and USD 40 million through a subsequent offering (the “Subsequent Offering”). USD 30 million of the Subsequent Offering has been underwritten (further details follow below). In order to fund part of the initial payment to Shell, Noreco will enter into a short-term funding agreement of USD 35 million (the “Deposit Loan”). The deposit loan including accrued interest will upon closing of the Transaction be rolled into the Convertible Bond at par, increasing the size of the Convertible Bond to up to USD 160 million. The Convertible Bond, Private Placement, and Deposit Loan will be directed towards and subscribed by Noreco’s largest shareholders CQS (UK) LLP (“CQS”), Kite Lake Capital Management (UK) LLP (“Kite Lake”), Taconic Capital Advisors UK LLP (Taconic), and by funds managed or advised by York Capital Management Europe (UK) Advisors LLP (“York”) (together, the “Investors”). The subscription price per Share in the Private Placement is set to USD 22.62 (NOK 185) per Share, and will result in the issuance 15.6 million Shares.

The Convertible Bond will have a tenor of eight years. The convertible element will have a duration of five years and have a strike price of 29.73% above the share price in the private placement. This gives a conversion price of USD 29.34 (NOK 240) per Share, subject to customary adjustment mechanisms. Interest will be payment-in-kind with additional bonds at 8.0% with the possibility for Noreco to choose to pay cash interest of 6.0%. Following expiry of the conversion period, the bond will carry an interest of 0.0%. The Convertible Bond will be non-callable during the first 30 months. It will thereafter be callable at par if the mean volume weighted average price of the shares over a period of 20 consecutive dealing days exceed 130.0% of the then current conversion price, to the extent not converted by the holders thereof. The Convertible Bond will be mandatory redeemable upon the expiry of the conversion period.

The Deposit Loan will carry a fixed interest of 12.0% annually, and will be rolled into the Convertible Bond upon completion of the Transaction no later than 15 October 2019. The Deposit loan is secured by an initial deposit payment to Shell amounting to USD 40 million. If completion of the Transaction does not occur, the Loan shall be rolled into the current NOR10 bond issue at par and be repaid together with accrued interest in cash on 31 March 2020. Noreco intends in connection with completion of the Acquisition to call NOR10 at the applicable call price (101.5% of par).

The Convertible Bond, the Private Placement and the Subsequent Offering are subject to approval from the Company’s shareholders. An extraordinary general meeting of shareholders in Noreco will be called on or about 17 October 2018 (the “EGM”).

Subject to completion of the Private Placement, a Subsequent Offering of around 1.8 million shares, amounting to up to USD 40 million will be made towards existing shareholders as of 16 October 2018, as registered in the VPS on 18 October 2018, who were not allocated Shares in the Private Placement and who are not resident in a jurisdiction where such offering would be unlawful or, for jurisdictions other than Norway, would require any prospectus, filing, registration or similar action. Such shareholders will be granted transferable preferential rights to subscribe for, and, upon subscription, be allocated new Shares. The preferential rights will be listed and tradeable on Oslo Børs. Over-subscription will be allowed. The Company's Shares will accordingly trade ex. right to participate in the Subsequent Offering as of 17 October 2018. The subscription price per Share in such Subsequent Offering will be the same as the subscription price in the Private Placement. USD 30 million of the Subsequent Offering will be underwritten by CQS, Kite Lake and Taconic (each an "Underwriter" and, together, the "Underwriters"). Each of the Underwriters have, severally, and not jointly, undertaken to subscribe for the new Shares not subscribed for during the subscription period of the Subsequent Offering. The underwriting obligation of each Underwriter does not include a guarantee for the payment by any subscriber or any other Underwriter of their subscription amount in the Subsequent Offering. The Underwriters will receive a guarantee commission of 2.0% of their guaranteed amount, subject to completion of the subsequent Offering or, as the case may be, certain other events.

In connection with the transaction, Noreco will implement a new share incentive program for its key management as well as Board of Directors. Current options in the money (100,000) will be settled with cash at NOK 240 per share amounting to a total of NOK 19.8 million, while options out of the money will be cancelled (subject to option-holders’ approval). The new program consists of 1,510,000 new options. Existing management and board of directors will be allotted 715,000 options which will have a strike price of NOK 240 per share and a vesting period of three years as well as 170,000 options with a strike price determined by the VWAP 30 days after completion of the Transaction. The remaining 625,000 options will be intended for new employees and will have a strike price based on board policies.

The EGM will be called on or about 17 October 2018 where the Company’s board will propose that the shareholders approve the Private Placement, the Convertible Bond, the Subsequent Offering, as well as the new share incentive program and associated authorisation to issue new Shares. The board will in addition ask for a new authorisation to issue up to 10.0% new Shares in one or several share issues. The board has obtained voting undertakings from shareholders representing 56% of the outstanding shares of Noreco, who have undertaken to vote in favour of the proposals. Completion of the proposed resolutions will be subject to completion of the Acquisition.

Listing of the Shares issued in the Private Placement on Oslo Børs, and execution of the contemplated Subsequent Offering, will require a prospectus pursuant to chapter 7 of the Norwegian Securities Trading Act. It is expected that such prospectus will be published on or about the time of completion of the Acquisition, and that the Subsequent Offering will commence shortly thereafter.

ABG Sundal Collier ASA, Arctic Securities AS, BMO Capital Markets Ltd. and Jefferies are engaged as financial advisors to the Company, ABG Sundal Collier ASA and Arctic Securities AS act as joint lead managers for the Private Placement, Convertible Bond, the Deposit Loan, and the Subsequent Offering. BAHR, CMS and Lundgrens act as legal advisors to the Company, PwC acts as tax advisor and Rystad Energy acts as strategic and commercial advisor.

Key financials

The below table outlines key financials and other selected key metrics for SOGU for the financial periods ended 31 December per respective period.

Key financials for period ended 31 December
2014 2015 2016 2017
USDm Audited Audited Audited Audited
Sales....................................... 2,353 1,241 849 1,149
EBITDAX....................................... 1,691 791 421 821
Exploration expenses....................................... -32 -18 -2 -1
Depreciation & amortisation....................................... -853 -1,151 -1,088 -1,009
EBIT....................................... 805 -377 -669 -189
Net profit....................................... 17 -272 -148 -188
Total assets 4,860 4,064 3,076 2,246
Shareholder's equity....................................... -161 -208 466 230
Total liabilities....................................... 5,021 4,272 2,610 2,016
Production (mboepd)*....................................... 79 71 64 67
* Production sourced from Danish Energy Agency

Company presentation

Noreco will host a company presentation in Oslo 18 October 2018 at 10:00 CET.

Venue: Arctic Securities AS, Haakon Viis Gt 5, 0161 Oslo

Noreco will host a company presentation in Stavanger 18 October 15:00 CET:

Venue: Norsk Oljemuseum, Kjeringholmen 1 A, 4006 Stavanger


Riulf Rustad, Chair of the Board

+47 900 87 703 

About SOGU’s assets


Halfdan is the largest producing field in Denmark and the most important DUC asset in terms of value and resources. The field came into production in 1999 and consists of two main groups of platforms, Halfdan A and Halfdan B in addition to an unmanned wellhead platform, Halfdan CA (North East).

Produced oil is transported in pipeline to shore via Gorm while the gas is transported to the Tyra hub. Gas can also be imported (for injection) and exported to Dan. Injection water is supplied from Dan.

SOGU’s share of remaining reserves is estimated to 61 MMstb oil and 163 Bscf gas as of 31.12.2017 based on independent reserves report. Halfdan produced 24 mboepd in 2017 (net to SOGU).

Dan hub

Dan was the first field in production in Denmark in 1972. Close to 28% of total Danish oil production has been extracted from Dan. The field remains a significant asset within the DUC portfolio.

The Dan field has been developed in several phases and now consists of a total of 12 platforms. The oil production from Dan is transported to Gorm while the gas is transported to Tyra East.

The Dan hub has two satellite fields, Kraka and Regnar, of which Kraka is currently producing.

SOGU’s share of remaining reserves related to the Dan hub is estimated to 28 MMstb oil as of 31.12.2017 based on independent reserves report. The Dan hub produced 10 mboepd in 2017 (net to SOGU).

Tyra hub

The Tyra field commenced production in 1984. The field installations comprise three platform complexes, Tyra West, Tyra East and Tyra South East. Tyra is the centre for Denmark’s national energy infrastructure, processing ~90% of the nation’s gas production. The oil and condensate production from the Tyra field and its satellite fields are transported to shore via Gorm.

Total, as operator is undertaking the full redevelopment of Tyra as Denmark’s major gas hub, and in the process extending the life of the Danish North Sea. The redevelopment of Tyra ensures continued production from Denmark’s largest gas field and will protect important Danish North Sea infrastructure. The Tyra redevelopment was sanctioned in 2017 and is expected to bring the hub on-stream in 2022. As part of the agreement, Noreco will assume all of Shell’s existing commitments and obligations, including the Tyra redevelopment.

The Tyra hub also includes the satellite fields Valdemar, Roar, Svend (Svend is shut in), Harald and Lulita (Noreco holds a 10% working interest in producing field Lulita prior to the transaction).

SOGU’s share of remaining reserves related to the Tyra hub is estimated to 35 MMstb oil and 263 Bscf gas as of 31.12.2017 based on independent reserves report. The Tyra hub produced 27 mboepd in 2017 (net to SOGU).

Gorm hub

Gorm production started in 1981, making it the second Danish field in production. Gorm provides processing and utilities support tosatellite fields Skjold, Rolf and Dagmar (Dagmar is shut in)in addition to being the export centre for most of the liquids produced on the Danish Continental Shelf. The oil from Gorm and the rest of the DUC portfolio is transported onhore to the Frederica refinery via pipeline. Gas from Gorm is sent to the Tyra hubfor export.

SOGU’s share of remaining reserves related to the Gorm hub is estimated to 11 MMstb oil as of 31.12.2017 based on independent reserves report. The Gorm hub produced 6 mboepd in 2017 (net to SOGU).

About Noreco

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industry. The company's shares are listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange (ticker

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